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Top Picks from Amazon // January 2020

Lately, it feels like shopping is a full time job, but trust me I am not complaining. My mailman probably hates the fact that he has to get out of his car everyday to put something on my front porch because Amazon boxes don't fit in to my mailbox! Everything from dog food to clothing to toilet paper comes Prime. If you are addicted to Prime like I am then please join my members in my group The Iron Tractor: Boutique Finds & Amazon Prime.

I post this rug every time it goes on deal! It can be used year round and I use it as a base for my other rugs. It goes with everything and really adds a little bit more curb appeal to your doorstep!

My goal for 2020 is to declutter and organize the madness, known as my life. So of course I started where anyone would start... my cabinets. I honestly love to bake more than I like to cook, much to the chagrin of our waistlines. But I am in love with these containers and even more in love with the labels that I can just peel and stick. So many different font options available!

I am loving this brand on Amazon! I have so many booties it is insane but I feel a little bit better about it by not breaking the bank when it comes to these. The wedge heel gives you the perfect amount of added height without being difficult to walk in them. They come in so many colors that you may want one of each and they look so cute with jeans or dresses!

I get compliments every time I wear these and I hear the same from my group members! They are so light weight that you will forget that you are wearing them. They compliment every outfit and I love wearing them with my cowl neck sweaters since I don't wear necklaces with the sweaters. These are priced great and you will want them in every pattern!

This is probably the softest, comfiest piece of clothing I own. I put it on right after it was delivered a few days ago and I think I have worn it at least 3 times already. This pullover is as soft inside as it is outside and is definitely warm. Great for running the kids to school in the morning or on errand runs. It will be perfect for my son's spring baseball games when it is still chilly in the evenings. This is a must have in your closet!

I have quite a few of these magnetic cuff bracelets and I cannot say enough great things about them. The magnets are strong and don't release in the middle of your day. Although mine did make my arm stick to my metal patio table slightly ;) They are so easy to put on unlike a regular clasp and cuff bracelets are all rage right now. This one gets bonus points for being leopard print!

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