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Must Have Designer Sunglass Dupes from Amazon

If you are anything like me sunglasses don't last long in your fashion collection. I lose them, sit on them, kids break them or they are being worn by fish somewhere in the Atlantic.

Why spend hundreds of dollars on sunglasses when you can get some amazing dupes from Amazon for under $20. Then if you lose them, sit on them the kids bend them you don't feel so bad about the wasted $$.

Below I have 4 dupes that will blow your mind and save your wallet.

First off are these Vintage Ray Ban Dupes and from what I can see between the two... the only difference is the logo on the lens. Buy the Amazon ones and you are saving yourself $135. Here is the link to them on Amazon...

The next dupe on my list are these gorgeous Illesteva Dupes from Amazon. Ringing in at $200 for the designer pair and only $21.99 on Amazon, your pocketbook is going to thank you! Find them here:

The third dupe that I have coming at ya are these Celine Dion Dupes... this Dupe from Amazon is going to save you some serious change! The Celine glasses are $400 while the Amazon Dupes are $10.95!!!!!! You can find them here

And last but not least are these amazing Karen Walker Dupes. The designer glasses run you about $250 while the Amazon Dupes are only $11.99!

So if you are looking for some serious saving on sunglasses that won't break the bank, grab a pair of these while they last at these prices. I am very impressed with all 4 pairs and I own all 4 of them!!!

If you like these kinds of posts please leave some comments and I will work on some more Amazon Dupes for you!

If you want to see more and shop more of my Amazon deals don't forget to follow me on Instagram or join my deals group on Facebook

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