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Dorm Room (or college apartment) Essentials You Can't Forget

Eighteen Summers before they’re grown and ready to spread their wings…SIGH…such a bittersweet time for parents and kids. For most young adults, going off to college is their first time truly living away from home. They’re used to Mom and Dad providing everything they need and all the comforts of home. Laundry, dishes, cooking, managing a tight schedule can all be a bit overwhelming. I enlisted my stepdaughter’s (a junior in college this Fall) help with this blog. I asked her what items have been most helpful these first couple of years? Here’s what she recommended as her top essentials!


  • can't live without this for popcorn and pizza rolls: microwave

  • perfect spot for your microwave and cups of oodle of noodles: rolling cart

  • great to cook up some late night after bar snacks: air fryer

  • quick bagel or pop tart before class in the morning: toaster

  • perfect for a drink while studying: tumblers

  • gotta stay hydrated and this makes your water tasty: brita pitcher

  • perfect for your apartment kitchen: pots and pans

  • great for keeping your water cold while you sit in class: Rtic tumbler

How about bedroom essentials? Everyone needs to wind down at the end of a long day of exercising that brain. You definitely will not regret having these in your dorm or apartment.


  • perfect for streaming during your down time or for documentaries: Roku

  • AppleAirplay built in for watching your favorite shows too: Vizio Smart TV

  • you would think with the $$ you are spending for college that your mattress would be a Serta, but in reality it is about as comfy as a stale piece of bread, this is a must: mattress topper

  • comfy bedding is a must and this 6 pc XL twin set is adorable: Bed in a Bag

  • I cannot stress how often you will be using this and it is inexpensive: Vacuum

  • Getting cozy and comfy is a must and this is the softest blanket ever: Blanket

  • These velvet hangers are leaner than plastic so they take up less space in those small dorm closets and they keep your clothes from falling off: Hangers

  • Dorms have limited outlets and these come in handy: Surge Protector

  • Chances of you and your dorm roommate having the same internal clock are slim to none. So you are going to want one of these to catch your Zzz's: Sleep Mask

Now, let’s talk Bath & Laundry Essentials. Trust us, you’ll definitely want to stock up on these!


  • There’s no telling what’s on that bathroom floor: Slides and more slides

  • Most dorms have large bathrooms for the entire hall, so you’ll want to have a caddy to keep all your shower goodies in one place: Caddy

  • This is a must for minor things that don't require a trip to campus doctor office: Kit

  • These will come in handy for the rest of your life: Tide Stick

  • Easy to use to tote laundry back and forth from the laundromat: Hamper

  • These usually fit in the dorm closets: Drawers

  • This is essential to not looking like a clown when you leave the dorm room. The dorm lighting is horrible for applying makeup: Lighted Mirror

  • This is a must for maximizing space in those tiny closets: Hanging shelf

These are the dorm / apartment essentials you do not want to forget. You will use every single one of these items! What are you taking to college you can't live without? Let us know in the comments!

xoxo, Andrea & Melissa

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