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39ish and NEW things

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

So, in a month or so from now, I turn 39 for the second time ;) And things are a-changing and I don't just mean my age.

Most of you know that I run a beauty side business, but did you know that I run a women's / kids clothing boutique as well? Well now you do!

I can't wait to share my love of mom fashion that is stylish, affordable and let's us crazy 39ish moms still feel put together. I will continue to share my love of beauty, momming and adding in my style and travel escapades as well. If you are not following me on Instagram and Facebook, now is the time! You will be able to shop my Instagram and my Facebook posts with the affordable mom beauty, fashion and everything else you need in your life.

It is going to be a busy 2019 and I cannot wait for you all to join me on this adventure!



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