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10+ things you loved on Amazon this month!

Well we survived Prime Day last month and then just kept on shopping ;) I have rounded up the best sellers you (and me) purchased last month and loved!!!

This was one of those tools, I didn't know I needed until I got it! I have a central vac system AND a roomba but sometimes I don't want to drag the vac hoses out. This is perfect for a quick swipe over my floors to grab all the hair my lab and pointer shed! At $12ish it is a steal!

I know, I know, this is totally random BUT anything that helps me keep things clean is a winner in my book! These just pop in and in my house last about 3 weeks before I need to pop a new one on with the disposable applicator. The smell keeps the bathroom smelling fresh and at $4ish for 6 applications, this is the best thing since sliced bread ;)

Every time this pops up on sale, you all scoop it up! This is my go to travel case... it keeps all my make-up and my toiletries organized in one spot. I love that the dividers can be moved around to accommodate the size cosmetics and toiletries you pack! You won't believe how much fits into this little case!

These are a group favorite for sure and these are the only socks I wear now! Low cut, so they are hidden with our favorite slip on shoes. Super comfortable and they do not slide!!!! Even when I run or bike these socks do not budge!!! They sell out every time they go on sale! Trust me, you should snag them, you won't be disappointed!

I can't wait to go to my friend's houses and see that we all have matching light fixtures! So many of you scooped this up and for a good reason... it is a great price and it is so pretty! I snagged 2, one for inside my hallway and one as my front porch light. The front porch one has created a whole new project: now changing out my front door as well! This would look great in anyone's house!

What an amazing deal to keep my wrapping paper from rolling all over. 2021 goals of becoming more organized are being helped by this contraption! Fits 14-20 standard rolls of wrapping paper and at under $10, you need this in your life!

You guys scooped these up like wildfire! There are two different sizes available and these are perfect for camping, the beach etc. I love that they fold up into a cute little bundle so it is easy for traveling. I leave mine in the back of my car so I always have it handy! Under $15 for the regular size and under $30 for the extra large size!

Countertop Ice Maker

This amazing gadget makes ice quickly and quietly for you in 6 minutes. Makes 26lbs of ice in 24 hours! This is perfect for your wet bar, down by the pool, lake house or just in your kitchen! It is normally $160 and it still has a $40 clickable coupon at the time of this blog post. I would grab it now if you want it!

Every house should have these!!! We go thru so many ziploc bags in our house, especially when school is in session and lunches have to be packed. This 10 pack is amazing... flat bottoms, stand up on their own, washable and I let them air dry! I recently bought another pack just because I use them so much! At the time of this blog post there was still a 20% clickable coupon available!

These are my favorite kind of dog collars! you don't have to worry about the tag falling off and all your information is right there on the collar. Customize with your info so your fur-baby doesn't get lost! Under $11, which is amazing for custom embroidery!!!

L'Oreal 8 second wonder water // aka miracle in a bottle

There will NEVER be a time that I don't use this miracle in a bottle! I have fine straight, hair but still have to use a straightener to make it smooth, even before I curl it. This North Carolina humidity doesn't help either! I was skeptical the first time I ordered it but for $8 I figured why not? I use it 2-3 times a week and every time I more amazed than the last. It makes my hair super smooth, no frizz, tames the fly-aways even when I let it air dry. My VIP group members have been raving about this and eve the hairdressers in my group agree... you have to have this in your hair routine!!! I now have mine on auto-ship so I never run out!

Collapsible Strainer // best invention ever

Best.Invention.Ever! I love this, probably my favorite kitchen gadget ever! Expands to fit any sink and great for washing off vegetables and fruit and draining pasta. Slides down to a small size for easy storage when it is time to put away. Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning!

Please share with your girlfriends all these amazing finds!

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