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It's like wearing sweatpants under your clothes!

A couple years ago I was having a hard time finding something that fit my mom boobs correctly after 2 kiddos. Bras pinched in places they didn't before, side fat bubbled out like a busted can of biscuits and underwires dug in. When someone mentioned Soma bras, I thought what the hell, why not? I have been in love ever since! My group members agree whole heartedly and you all have been scooping them up like crazy! So here is your chance again! Soma is having an amazing sale right now.... bras are $29 and you get a pair of undies for only $5!!! Say what!! Money back guarantee, you can return anything that doesn't suit your needs! I promise you, you won't be sorry... I just filled my cart up again!

Shop Soma Sale - click here!

Also while you are at it... their PJs are to die for and they are on sale too! These make an amazing birthday or Christmas gift for someone on your list!!!

Soma PJs - shop here

Happy Shopping!! I would love to know what you grab and if you loved it, so please come back after you try yours on and leave me a comment <3

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